Elected Officers and Committe Chairs of GCDA

2021 Elected Officers
President – Susan Parrett
Past President – Linda Kohler
VP of Programs – Suzanne Fairbanks
Membership – Linda Kohler
Secretary – Nancy Vincent
Treasurer – Melanie Wilmhoff

2021 Standing Committees
Ways & Means – Peggy Hermes
Newsletter Editor – Pat Hull
2020 Retreat Chair – Nancy Vincent
Publicity – Open
Website – Pat Hull
Service – Stephanie Hauser

2020 Special Committees 
Hospitality – Open
Sunshine – Gayle Wissel
2020 Christmas Party Chair – Linda Kohler
Historian- Barb Winterberg
Show & Tell – Mary Galioto
Nominating Chair



3 responses

  1. Sherry, I just replied to your emails and attached a membership form and newsletters. Thank you for reaching out to us. Pat Hull

  2. Sherry, I received your emails and will respond to you tomorrow. (Saturday Jan. 2nd.

  3. Sherry birkhold | Reply

    Would like to join but my membership form and check were returned as undeliverable. I sent form and check to Mary Ann Slizewski to address printed on form. How can I join, I am a member of SDP. Thanks sherry Birkhold

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